"Did you remember this television show? People were running wild through the aisles of a supermarket grabbing everything that they could get their hands on! And what's more, everything that they could carry out was theirs to keep! Well, IT'S BACK! The television show that says, "Go ahead, do what you've always wanted to do! Get it all! Everything in this Supermarket is yours, and it's all free!" So, let's give a big welcome to the return of the all new SUPERMARKET SWEEP! And now, let's meet the host of our show, DAVID RUPRECHT! "

Pilot refers to the first episode of Supermarket Sweep created for the relaunch.


Originally released in 1965, the original Supermarket Sweep was such a success that it was revived in 1989. Combining older elements with modern appeal, the show was remade for a modern audience.

Similarities and DifferencesEdit


  • Pricing games still played
  • Pennants still used on bonus items
  • Big sweep still run


  • More games are played
  • Players are penalized 10 seconds for a wrong guess
  • Bonuses are cash awards, not merchandise