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Nickelodeon Super Toy Run is a spinoff of Supermarket Sweep designed for children, but in this show the kids have 5 minutes to grab whatever toys they can get their hands on. The contest is held at a Toys R Us store.



The Nickelodeon Super toy run was a sweepstakes held by Nickelodeon and Toys R Us throughout the 90's. To win one would send in a postcard and hope to win. The winnings consisted of a 5 minute shopping spree in Toys R Us.


  • Macy's
  • Kay Bee Toy Stores (1980s)
  • Toys R Us
  • Nickelodeon


In 2010, the name Super Toy Run got changed to the Great Big Toy Run.

YouTube Links[]

1993 Super Toy Run
1994 Super Toy Run
1995 Super Toy Run Go to 3:50
Great Big Toy Run 2013