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Decorate Your Own Cake is a game played on Supermarket Sweep. Using a cake-designing kit found during the "Big Sweep", players must decorate their own cake.




The Decorate Your Own Cake, TV Mystery Product, the Brach's Candy Corner, the International Bread Center, the Magazine Display, the Recycle Machine and the Instant Coupon Machine bonuses all made their debut in 1993.


Runners had to find a cake-designing kit in the back of the store, and quickly rush it back to their partner. Their partners would then take the kit to one of three tables set up in the front of the store between the front registers and the produce department. Players must write the show's name (Supermarket Sweep) and the team's number (Either 1, 2, or 3) on the cake. Players who decorate a cake before the bell rings will earn an additional $100 to their sweep total.

List of Items[]

  • Pre-made ¼ sheet cake
  • Cake decorating icing